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Caran d'Ache

Model:  Limited Editions
Artikelgroep:  vulpen
Titel:  Caran d'Ache Year of the Goat vulpen (Limited Edition)
Schrijfdikte:  Medium M
Prijs:  € 2.800,00
YEAR OF THE HORSE. TRIBUTE TO CHINESE CULTURE. With its lively spirit and mischievous intelligence, the goat in the Chinese zodiac encourages creativity, imagination and the refined arts. Its artistic symbolism naturally inspired the designers of the Maison Caran d?Ache to pay tribute to the artistic crafts and to bring the splendour of Chinese lacquer back to life through ?Year of the Goat? fountain and roller pens. The agile silhouette of the goat leaps forth in silver rhodium-plated engraving from a black Chinese lacquer background. Its corrugated fleece and expressive body reveal a wonderfully free design and perfect mastery of engraving. A longstanding tradition in Caran d?Ache workshops, the art of Chinese lacquer blends perfectly with the technical reliability of these writing instruments, revealing its deep reflections after careful polishing. As proof of its authenticity, the Geneva Manufacture has called upon a master of calligraphy to affix the Chinese sign of the goat to this writing instrument. The ?Year of the Goat? limited edition follows on from those created with the sign of the horse and is part of the ?Chinese Calendar? themed line, designed to revive the legend of the Chinese Zodiac.LAUNCHING 2015

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