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Caran d'Ache

Model:  Limited Editions
Artikelgroep:  rollerpen
Titel:  Caran d'Ache Year of the Horse rollerpen (Limited Edition)
Actieprijs:  € 2.066,12
Prijs:  € 2.500,00
YEAR OF THE HORSE. TRIBUTE TO CHINESE CULTURE. A figment of the imagination brought to life by the artist, the fearless beauty of the legendary figure of the horse erupts from the body of the ?Year of the Horse? fountain pen or roller ball. Emerging in a burst of ivory from the dark depths of Chinese lacquer, poised in the wind, this most gracious sign of the Chinese zodiac resurrects its poetic legend, travelling through time and materials to conquer new horizons. Revealed by the expert fingers of the Caran d?Ache artisans, the agile silhouette of the horse is infused with life using the ?hollowed? carved Chinese lacquer technique. Incredibly fine yet robust, this is a clear demonstration of the mastery that the Geneva Manufacture has consistently put to the test of time. The theme, the pure aesthetic and the design of this creation all pay tribute to the ancestral crafts which particularly inspire the Caran d?Ache creatives. The ?Year of the Horse? limited edition is the successor to the sign of the snake and is the latest instalment in the writing instrument series that the Maison is dedicating to the signs of the Chinese zodiac. LAUNCHING 2014

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