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Caran d'Ache

Model:  Limited Editions
Artikelgroep:  rollerpen
Titel:  Caran d'Ache Year of the Monkey rollerpen (Limited Edition)
Actieprijs:  € 2.066,12
Prijs:  € 2.500,00
YEAR OF THE MONKEY. TRIBUTE TO CHINESE CULTURE. Ingenious, bold and full of energy, the monkey in the Chinese zodiac fosters an alert mind and creativity in all spheres of life. The artistic symbolism and figurative flexibility of the skilful monkey have naturally inspired the designers at Caran d?Ache to pay a valuable tribute to the Arts. The splendour of genuine Chinese lacquer is reborn in the ?Year of the Monkey? fountain pens and roller pens. Long nurtured in the Caran d?Ache workshops, the ancestral art of Chinese lacquer is combined with the technical reliability of the writing instruments to unveil its incomparable hues after numerous, meticulous polishes. The outline of the monkey in yellow Chinese lacquer stands out against a background of brilliant black Chinese lacquer. Its relaxed posture and the waves of its rich coat can be seen in the dynamic contrast between the colours and the superior materials used. To ensure absolute authenticity, the Geneva-based company obtained the services of a master calligrapher to apply the Chinese ideogram of the monkey onto the body of the pen. The ?Year of the Monkey? limited edition follows on from that depicting the sign of the goat in the ?Chinese Calendar? thematic collection, designed to perpetuate the mythology of the Chinese zodiac. LAUNCHING 2016

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