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Caran d'Ache

Model:  Limited Editions
Artikelgroep:  rollerpen
Titel:  Caran d'Ache Zivago rollerpen (Limited Edition)
Actieprijs:  € 1.900,83
Prijs:  € 2.300,00
ZIVAGO. LIMITED EDITION ZIVAGO. In celebration of the 55th anniversary of the Nobel Prize awarded in 1958 to Russian poet and writer Boris Pasternak for his legendary work, Doctor Zhivago, the Maison Caran d?Ache has created an exceptional limited-edition writing instrument. It symbolically embodies the world of literary works, the quest for freedom, love, the immensity of nature and the meaning of a life. A multitude of patiently applied layers of shiny black Chinese lacquer cover the entire pen, in accordance with a more than 3,000 year-old tradition carefully nurtured in the workshops of the Geneva Manufacture. This deep, homogenous black is a reminder of the serene, timeless winter that freezes over Siberia, as described by Pasternak. It serves as a background to his lyrical saga in which love meets freedom, while revolutionary upheavals shake Russia at the turn of 1917. The beauty of love, undeniably present yet impossible, bursts forth like a spark in the midst of this dramatic era. It is symbolised by a multitude of luminous stars that are reminiscent of immaculate snow. Scattered over the cap of the pen, they are made of white lacquer and surrounded by gilt ornamental motifs. Boris Pasternak?s signature is gilt-engraved on the body of the pen, akin to a master?s canvas. LAUNCHING 2013

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