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Caran d'Ache

Model:  Limited Editions
Artikelgroep:  rollerpen
Titel:  Caran d'Ache Spirit of Switzerland rollerpen (Limited Edition)
Prijs:  € 5.500,00
SPIRIT OF SWITZERLAND. TRIBUTE TO SWISS CULTURAL SYMBOLS. For its 100th anniversary, the Maison Caran d?Ache pays homage to its homeland, Switzerland, through the limited edition ?Spirit of Switzerland? writing instruments. This symbolic creation features 14 figurative representations that are emblematic of Swiss identity. A country with a great cultural heritage, Switzerland?s fame extends far and wide through its iconic landscapes, idyllic landscapes and humanist spirit. Protective of its arts and craftsmanship, it is the cradle of exceptional skills, such as its dairy, wine and watchmaking tradition. Alongside its rites and ancestral customs, the country has always cultivated a great love of nature, of the mountains and of Alpine life. THE ART OF FIGURATIVE SCULPTURE. The ?Spirit of Switzerland? fountain pen and roller ball pens represent a highly symbolic collection, sculpted in solid silver. Finely carved figures in relief are positioned on a matt black lacquer background, illustrating emblematic Swiss areas. The contrast of the materials and the softened cut-outs allows each one of the 14 symbols to stand out clearly. A quartz rutile cabochon ? a veritable mountain jewel ? adorns the tip of the cap with its shimmering reflections and elegant inclusions. LAUNCHING 2015

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